A Thank You from the Baby Bookmark Favor that is useful for the Mom-to-Be's Baby Shower Favor.  Laminated and Dimensions are: 2" Wide x 6.5" Long. 

It Simply says:

  • I'm really glad that you could come to my mommy and daddy's shower.
  • Sit down, relax and chat with one another. 
  • Sorry I can't be with you, but you see I'm very busy cause I'm growing more and more each hour.
  • Though I'm not here to thank you, for the special gift you brought, my family and I are grateful.....we appreciate the thought.
  • I'll should be arriving shortly, I'm as happy as can be, so after I've been home awhile, Please comy by to visit me.   
  • Custom Made and Personalized with Mother-to-be Name and Shower Date
  • Ships in 5-7 Days 

A Thank You from the Baby Bookmark Favor